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Quang M. Nguyen, PE


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                                                                                                            March 26, 2008


Dear Mr. Nguyen, 


            Thank you for your letter of February 25, 2008 addressed to Ford Foundation President Luis Ubinas which has been referred to me for reply.


            We believe that given the known concerns about dioxin-related exposure, it is critical to ensure the scientific integrity and robustness of the sampling and analyses. Dioxin on and around the Danang airbase is a risk to the people living in the vicinity. The Government of Vietnam has recently completed interim containment measures on the north end of the airbase in conjunction with USEPA.  Further assessment is planned to define the full extent of the contamination on and around the airbase in order to design appropriate measures for full remediation.


            We expect to continue to work with scientific experts and others to assist the Vietnamese to ensure the safety and well-being of the people in Danang as well as those living near other dioxin hotspots.






                                                                                          Charles R. Bailey, PhD



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