VAST engages itself in the following activities:

  • Edition & publication of a quarterly newsletter and magazine to inform all members about news & information which is deemed useful to them.
  • Organization of conferences, seminars about all scientific and technical subjects in conformity with the determined objectives of the Society.
  • Organization of meetings between VAST members, their friends and families.
  • Build a network among professionals and students Vietnamese or non-Vietnamese aiming at job hunting assistance, career advancement promotion, and professional experience exchange.

     The 1999 Mekong River Conference Declaration


      Mekong Conference 1999.

      Mekong Conference 2000.

      Civil Engineering Meeting 2001.

      Discussion meeting about "25 Years After" by Chu T.            Tien.

      Practical on-site study of  dams  

      Participation in the protection of wetland ecology.