The creation of websites in Vietnam

The advantages of outsourcing your website production to Vastvietnam are numerous. It allows you to save money, because the prices of our services are 2 to 3 times cheaper than in France. Our International team and project managers ensure a daily follow-up of your projects, and communicate regularly with you. The working hours in Vietnam (44 hours per week) and the small time difference between France and Vietnam also allow an efficient coordination between your teams and those of Vastvietnam. Finally, as far as the skills are concerned, most of the IT trainings provided in Vietnam are copied from those in USA or Europe, which explains the very good quality of service provided in the country.


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The advantages of working with our web outsourcing agency

To have a professional website of quality requires to call upon an agency specialized in the design of website. Choosing to go through our web agency has many advantages such as:


Cost-effective solution

Savings with services 2 to 3 times cheaper than in Europe or the USA.

English-speaking team

An easier communication thanks to our reactivity, a low time difference and our working hours of 44 hours per week.

On-demand IT team

Skills that meet your requirements and similar to those found in English communication agencies with fully trained English-speaking developers and writers.

What is IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing consists in outsourcing to an external provider the creation of a website, the IT management and the hosting to a team of web professionals. This team is composed of developers, graphic designers, writers, computer scientists, etc.. To create a site at a lower cost, using a web subcontractor allows you to offer quality work done by professionals with recognized web expertise. Your brand image depends on the quality of your image on the net.
A computer subcontractor is responsible for developing your business through the design of quality websites. In addition to the professional result guaranteed...


Email Marketing


Online Marketing


Enterprise Marketing


Whatever your project, Vastvietnam is committed to meeting your expectations in every detail. Our adaptability allows any type of company to call on us for various tasks such as the design of websites (e-commerce site or showcase site, mobile application), the redesign of website, the development of marketing and communication strategy, content writing, or the use of Google adwords for the optimization of your content through natural referencing (SEO). Without exception, the different web projects you have will find a solution at Vastvietnam. Respect of your budget for your web development

Professional team of experts in Vietnam to provide offshore development and website creation.


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A Full 360 degree view on the website as well as marketing must-have actions for a SME at very affordable rates.


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